Childhood Obesity Management

Childhood obesity is manifested at various ages of a child or adolescence. Why new born baby or a growing up child or an adolescence person starts to put on weight, has not been researched amply in the past as this factor did not show up as an enormous problem. However in the modern world with so called advances in food technology, electronic devices and extremely busy life of parents, child obesity problem is increasing at alarming rate. Instead of blaming and persecuting who is responsible and what is responsible for this devastating state of obesity spreading by lips and bounce throughout the world, it would be beneficial for everybody to put up a concerted fight to curb obesity and save our children.
It is the mother’s responsibility to provide full nutrition during the first six month of the baby. Extensive research has been done on breast feeding. Mother’s milk has been declared as most nutritious and it helps to put the baby’s immunity system on a strong grounding. It is mandatory on a couple to think about breast feeding in their family planning program. The child needs to be breast fed at short intervals. Thus the mother has to be home or take time to pump out sufficient milk and store them in the fridge for the child’s carer to use to feed the baby.
The parent’s active involvement is essential in the growing up process of the child. The more active physically and mentally a growing child is, better will be his digestive, metabolic, endocrinal and psychological system. It is the parent’s responsibility to provide healthy food and making sure that the growing child drinks plenty of fluid. When shopping resist purchasing cakes and chips. Fast food with toxic ingredients and colorful sweets and salty savories. Once kids get hooked to junk food it will be very difficult to get them off it. Give them nourishing fruits, nutritious vegetables and most beneficial and tasty herbs and spices. The child’s taste buds should be accustomed to eating the right food.
In the initial stages of growing up, the parents should make the children understand the basics of health and wellbeing. How the body benefits from running, cycling, swimming and many more moving activities has to be explained to them. It is a wonderful idea to introduce the basic yoga postures and right ways of breathing and concentration from the age of four. Regular practice of yoga helps one to remain agile efficient and slim. It helps to achieve control over mind and behavior and increases the power of concentration and memory retention. At the age of five or when they start proper schooling, they will be ready to move forward on the right path of healthy disciplines.
Enormous responsibility rests on the shoulders of the teachers and organizers of the kid’s school. The school’s curriculum should provide for plenty of outdoor physical activities, once or twice every week the basic yoga/ meditation trainings, and a balanced nutritious lunch menu. Where the school fails to provide these facilities, the responsibility reverts back to the parents.
As the child reaches adolescence and in that process has put in extra weight, the time has come to investigate the cause. Perhaps the boy or girl is mentally disturbed or physically suffering from some malaise. At puberty they undergo massive metabolic and hormonal changes, something somewhere may not be developing in the correct manner. It is imperative on part of the parent, guardian and teachers to advise and seek medical help. Other than cases of extreme emergency, child and adolescence obesity should be controllable and curable through minor or drastic lifestyle changes.